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From what I’ve read there doesn’t appear to be any solution for a non-audio card PC that I know of. The sound Quality is the key. Get ASIO multi-client from here or here they are different, you might want to try both. Now I can forget about the Roland series. Guitar Port works differently.

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You can’t play another media application on your PC if you have asio as in the first answer. Feedback Thread June Sorry my windows 7 is in french, so, maybe the labels don’t match, but I’m sure you’ll manage to figure it out. But you say you need usb interface Clock sync would be my guess, multiple cards will drift out of sync with each other unless you slave them all to a wordclock.

Video and Audio services.


The strangest thing is that the solution for me was to put in an old pair of headset into the pc. The problem also has a financial background, I am thinking of at least purchasing a Scarlett 2i2 for around which shouldn’t be too big of a hit to my pocket currently. No asking for links. Need some technical advice? Any good alternative drivers that go with the audio interfacess not any specific driver for a specific piece of unit asioo4all a specific manufacturer Ideas please?

Last Drivers  CISCO AIRONET 802.11 A B G DRIVER

I guess I’ll be buying a second Guitar Port. Alreay tried, But windows defender detected a virus. Technical questions are restricted.

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I need one with high quality. I get sound out but Asio4all shows the Rig Kontrol as not connected.

From what I’ve read there doesn’t appear to be any solution for a non-audio card PC that I know of. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Seems that this is exactly what you need, and seems to work with all Aio4all capable interfaces. Send a private message to hopi. Still no idea on how to solve this for ASIO4ALL though, other than the multi clients mentioned that might or might not work in different versions of Windows.

Best ASIO4ALL Alternatives for Windows

I use it all of the time with Youtube, my audio collection, etc. Reading as I type. So I i just have a pair of headphones dingling behind my desk. Sat Sep 04, Sat Sep 04, 8: I also have a Computer Music shame magazine from issue which documents how to do it set up 2 interfaces with asio4all to playback simultaneously with a Soundmax internal card and an M-Audio interface to act as an aggregated device i.



Want to discuss plugins, VST’s, and the like? Sat Sep 04, 9: Try using a good external audio board for the daw audio input like: Yet, it can still be preferable to native ASIO drivers, because some vendors write mediocre native asio drivers. That’s right, MOTU drivers alternaive excellent for this!

At any rate it is a limitation of ASIO.

And it should be 2 of those. I don’t have money for an audio interface right now: